22nd January 2016

What does the government/industry need to do to make long term care funding easier?

Care and support services continue to face ever growing and unprecedented challenges as a result of cuts in spending and continued increases in demand. Care services […]
27th November 2015

Autumn Statement 2015

Chancellor George Osborne was given significant scope for manoeuvre when he presented his Autumn Statement on 25 November 2015 by the Office of Budget Responsibility (OBR), […]
20th November 2015

Portfolio Performance

Portfolio Performance Given the difficult investment climate, we have been pleased with the performance of our model portfolios over the last year. Each portfolio has outperformed […]
19th November 2015

The Search for Income

We have found that clients are putting increasing emphasis on their income requirements. The search for yield has become more important due to very low interest […]
17th November 2015

Pensions and Tax Relief – Will it be Cut in March 2016?

2015 Pensions Freedom – Flexible Access to Pensions Over the last few years, pensions have been subject to significant reform as politicians have grappled with the […]
13th November 2015

Investment Trusts

What kind of trends have you seen in the investment trust market presently? In 2015, the majority of investment trust IPOs have been strategies which invest […]
12th November 2015

SIFA News and Views

Matthew recently featured in SIFA’s News and Views having written an article for Citywire’s Income Plus magazine.  
28th September 2015

China’s Troubles

For many years the ease of development of already advanced industrial methods meant high levels of output led growth. Many anticipated this growth path would continue, […]
25th August 2015

The Great Fall of China

Investors have been nervous about the slowdown in China’s economy for some time, however, in the last week, this has become a reality for global markets which have experienced a very sharp sell-off.
27th July 2015

Is Behavioural Investing a Passive Phenomenon?

There are many factors which drive investors to behave irrationally, such as following the crowd and emotional attachment to an investment decision.