When you’ve worked hard all your life, achieving financial security is really important. It’s not just about having a comfortable retirement, but also providing for dependants and, hopefully, passing wealth on to children. So, how can you best achieve your goals?

Here at Milford & Dormor Financial Planning, we aim to give you pension advice that specifically meets your objectives – helping you accumulate pension savings, giving you options at retirement, meeting income requirements and preserving capital.

Needless to say, an effective investment strategy is critical in order to maximise the size of your pension while preserving capital over time. This is equally true for younger clients accumulating pensions as it is for older clients who choose to draw pension benefits through drawdown.

For an indication of how our Discretionary Portfolio Service and Advisory Investment deliver attractive returns for pension funds, please visit our Performance page.

Our advice covers the following areas:

Pension Transfers and Consolidation
We advise on whether to retain pensions or transfer/consolidate into new arrangements based on an objective analysis of costs, benefits and investment flexibility. As pension transfer experts (G60 qualified), we can advise on the full range of pension transfers, covering both personal pensions and occupational pensions.
Pension Drawdown and Annuities
We are experts on how best to draw benefits from a pension, including pension drawdown and annuities. Our advice on pension benefits and tax-free cash is tailored to your individual circumstances to maximise the value, tax-efficiency and death benefits of your pension.
Setting up a new pension and building a pension fund
We are experts in SIPP and SSAS pensions. Our advice is focused on helping a client maximise the size of their pension fund by retirement. This typically covers the most appropriate type of pension, investment strategy, level of contributions and tax relief.
Direct property purchase using SIPP or SSAS pensions
We advise on the purchase of direct commercial property using pension funds. This includes offices, retail and industrial units, as well as agricultural land. A SIPP or SSAS holding direct property can be an excellent way for a business owner to build a valuable pension fund alongside their business. It also offers tax efficiency for both the business and the business owner.
Pension on Divorce
We can act on either a party appointed basis or as an expert financial neutral on divorce. Our expertise covers all financial issues arising on divorce, particularly pensions and how best to divide them. With pension reports we typically work with solicitors, mediators and actuaries.