4th April 2013

How Can I Boost the Income on My Savings?

Interest rates on cash savings are at an all-time low. Currently, it is difficult to get much over 2% gross for a no-notice account, whilst inflation (RPI) is stubbornly high at 3.2% and shows no signs of abating. This means that savers face a falling standard of living as inflation erodes the purchasing power of their cash.

2nd April 2013

Five Top Tips for Last Minute Tax Planning

The end of the tax year is looming on Friday 5 April, but there is still time to save tax for 2012/13.

28th March 2013

Pensions – Why Bother?

There is a widespread perception that pensions are a waste of money, with reasons mentioned including poor investment returns, high costs, complex rules and difficult to get your money out.

25th March 2013

Put Pensions at Heart of Retirement Strategy

Read the full article at Western Morning News.

18th March 2013

Investment Gives Firm a Platform for Growth

Read the full article at Western Morning News.

18th March 2013

Leah Thorne Joins the Team

We are delighted to welcome Leah Thorne as part of the team to lead our client services. Leah has extensive experience of client liaison and delivering high quality administration.

15th March 2013

Matthew Clark is Working with Compass Resolution

We are delighted that Matthew Clark is working with family mediation company, Compass Resolution.

15th March 2013

Matthew Clark Joins South West Mediation Team

We are delighted to work with South West Mediation to be able to apply our financial and pension planning expertise within a collaborative framework, so clients can get the information they need and consider the financial implications of different possible solutions.

1st March 2013

Jenny Ives Joins the Team

We are delighted to welcome Jenny Ives on board as a Chartered Financial Planner. Jenny brings to the company a wealth of experience and will be leading our advice with regard to Women in Business.

1st February 2013

New Offices at Exeter Golf and Country Club

We are excited to open our doors to new clients from our offices at The Greenkeepers Cottage at Exeter Golf and Country Club in Exeter.